What is an SAE Project? 

A SAE project is another important part of the FFA. The SAE Project is a supervised agricultural experience that enables students to gain hands-on experience within agriculture on many different levels.

Different Types of SAEs

  • Entrepreneurship

    • This SAE project allows students to be the boss of their operation. ​The basic requirement is just to own enterprise. This can include running a lawn service business or selling homemade candles. 

  • Placement

    • This SAE is a job or internship which can be paid or unpaid at an agricultural business. Students are able to gain experience and knowledge within the agriculture field. ​

  • Research and Experimentation​

    • This SAE project includes students designing and carrying out a large-scale research project combating something in agriculture. ​

  • Exploratory

    • This SAE project is very open-ended and allows students to attend different eductional events on agriculture.​

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