Conferences are yet another exciting part of the FFA that our chapter participates in! Whether it be across the country or an hour away, conferences are a great opportunity for our members to learn leadership skills as well as meet people from across this organization! Keep your eyes peeled for conference opportunities! 


Greenhand Leadership Conference 

GLC serves as an introductory conference to opportunities involved within Agricultural Education such as FFA and SAE. This conference focuses on defining Agricultural Education, the benefits of Ag Ed, and so much more! It is a one day event for freshmen. We encourage our freshmen to sign up and see what is in store for them in the next four years!

State Conference

State Conference is a four day event for all members! In previous years, it was held in Fresno, but since 2017 they have moved it to a bigger arena in Anaheim so that FFA members from across the state join together to participate for workshops, a career show, and a chance to make friends from different chapters! 

National Convention

National Convention is for members all across the nation. Held in Indianapolis, over 60,000 members and guests come to this conference to honor member accomplishments, explore a career show, meet with industry leaders, and so much more! This conference is held every year, keep an eye out for sign up dates!

Made For Excellence Conference

MFE is a 2 day conference held for sophomores. Led by the State FFA officer team, members will discover their talents and study their strengths all to ultimately assist them in finding passions within their lives!

Advanced Leadership Conference 

ALA is a two day conference held for juniors. Led by FFA alumni, members will learn how to work with others and create goals. They will go through the steps of planning an event which will assist them in becoming better leaders in their home , chapters, and communities. 

Sacramento Leadership Experience

SLE is a four day event for seniors. Here members will experience the role of being a California State legislator and will learn about government, agricultural policy and advocacy while focusing on community development.