Agricultural Education

To be a part of the FFA, students must be enrolled in an Ag class. Fortunately for Orestimba High, we offer a variety of ag-based classes from science classes to shop classes that meet A-G and graduation requirements! Students enrolled in Ag classes must have an SAE project. 

Ag Biology (Biology and Sustainable Agriculture)

 Offered to sophomores the Ag Biology class covers a variety of subjects such as sustainable agriculture, cell structure, ecosystems, genetics, photosynthesis, as well as experimentation! In Ag Biology students will also have an SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project and record their experience in the online record book system (AET). The Ag Biology class meets A-G requirements

Ag Chemistry (Chemistry and Agriscience)

 This class is offered to Juniors and Seniors and focuses on experimentation and investigation regarding environmental and agricultural systems focusing on soil and chemistry. Students will participate in group projects, experiments, and class activities. Students will also create an Agriscience Fair Project by investigating a topic within the agricultural industry. This class meets A-G requirements.

Ag Horticulture

 Offered to Juniors and Seniors, the Horticulture class will cover the anatomy of plants, the environment they grow in, and how plants affect the agricultural industry today. They will also learn hands on skills such as transplanting, propagation, mixing soil, planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables and more. This class counts as science credit for high school graduation.

The History and Art of Floral Design

 The floral class is offered to Juniors and Seniors. The class covers the history elements and principles of floral design. Students in this class will prepare arrangements of all shapes and sizes. Students will also keep an online weebly blog to have an online portfolio of all their works. A course fee must be paid in order to take any arrangements home because of the high cost of purchasing containers and materials. This class qualifies as an A-G class.

Animal Science

 The Animal Science class is offered to Juniors and Seniors. This class is encouraged to be taken by students before Vet Science in order to learn the basics of this area of study. This class will cover subjects such as animal anatomy, genetics, and nutrition. This class as well as the Vet Science class are here to prepare students for a future career in an animal focused area.

Ag Science

  Agricultural Science is the 9th grade science in the Agriculture Department. It is A-G approved and covers a wide array of sectors in agriculture. Students are exposed to curriculum that introduce all the different pathways Newman FFA offers such as Ag Mechanics, Animal Science, Agriculture Business, Leadership Development, and Food Science just to name a few. Students are required to fulfill a certain number of activity points and complete an SAE Plan. Exploration of Ag Careers and opportunities are incorporated in each unit. Hands- on labs and activities are a part of the class.

Ag Welding

 This course is designed to give students a Basic understanding of fabrication and construction principles and basic engineering.  In addition, advanced techniques in Mig (GMAW), Tig (GTAW), Stick (SMAW) and oxy-acetylene welding, cutting will be stressed. Students must have taken the Ag. Mechanics course first.

Ag Fabrication

 This course is designed to give students a Basic understanding of fabrication and construction principles and basic engineering.  In addition, advanced techniques in Mig (GMAW), Stick (SMAW) will be stressed.  Project planning will be emphasized along with blue print reading, drawings and layout, as well as materials lists and project estimates. The Hands-on approach to learning is emphasized in all Ag Classes. Student must have taken the Ag. Welding class the previous year

Ag Wood

  Ag Wood is intended to provide a basic understanding of principles in safety, mechanical drawing, woodworking, as well as an introduction to the FFA.  These basic skills will prepare the student for further education in agricultural mechanics.

Ag Mechanics I and II

  The Ag Mechanics class is geared to give students exposure to a job area available to them after high school. Students in this class will be examining subjects such as woodworking, welding, tool identification and metalworking. Students will work on various projects throughout the year using the skills learned. In order to take the second level of Ag Mechanics, students need to take first Ag Mechanics beforehand. 

Plant Science 

  The Plant Science class is a new class open to all students who are interested in studying the growth of plants, their reproduction, evolution of crops, as well as the use of plants for food, fiber, and other ornamental purposes. The students also are participating in growing and developing plants for the chapter's new greenhouse.  

Adv. Interdisciplinary Sci. for Sustainable Agriculture 

  As the Ag department continues to grow, we are excited to add new courses to our list. Last year, we added our first honors class offered to seniors. The class discusses real industry problems agriculture faces as well as expands on the multiple branches of agriculture. By completing this class, it serves as the capstone to the Agriculture Science pathway. 

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